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PhiTrust Active Investors Europe

The PhiTrust Active Investors Europe mutual fund (FCP – fonds commun de placement) allows subscribers to invest in accordance with their principles and still achieve a strong performance. Euro Active Investors is a corporate governance initiative fund invested in European securities listed in the Euro zone. Through its active shareholder policy, the Fund aims to influence the companies in its portfolio in order to improve their governance, environmental practices and social development strategy. Until 15 April 2007 the Euro Active Investors fund was known as the Euro Mid Cap Active Investors fund.

PhiTrust Active Investors Europe is invested in French securities and aims to outperform the DJ EUROSTOXX 50 index (reinvested dividends),regardlessof its evolution, by applying a quantitative methodology of processing non-financial information obtained within the framework of its shareholder engagement activity. This methodology leads to:

  • the overweighting of companies that make progress towards adopting ESG principles and respond to the Fund’s initiatives;

  • the underweighting of companies that fail to comply with international ESG principles and show little interest in proposals for constructive dialogue with a view to improvement.

The Fund is managed on an index-tracking basis and aims to maintain a tracking error of no more than 4% between the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the UCITS fund and that of the Index.Should the tracking error exceed 4%, the objective is to stay below 20% of Eurostoxx 50 volatility with reinvested dividends.

For the fourth consecutive year,  euro active investors have the sri label of novethic


The Novethic SRI Label is awarded to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds whose management systematically takes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into account. Fund promoters must publish details of the fund’s SRI management approach, provide reporting on the SRI characteristics of the fund and disclose a complete list of portfolio holdings.

PhiTrust Active Investors Europe is a signatory of the Transparency Code, conceived and approved by the AFG (French Asset Management Association) and FIR (French SIF – Sustainable Investment Forum).


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