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PHITRUST ACTIVE INVESTORS FRANCE is a shareholder engagement fund (French “SICAV”) invested in French securities that aims to outperform the CAC 40 index (reinvested dividends),regardless of its evolution, by applying a quantitative methodology of processing non-financial information obtained within the framework of its shareholder engagement activity. This methodology leads to:

  • the overweighting of companies with good corporate governance that respond to the Fund’s initiatives;
  • the underweighting of companies that fail to comply with international corporate governance standards and show little interest in proposals for constructive dialogue and improvement measures.

The Fund is managed on an index-tracking basis and aims to maintain a tracking error of no more than 4% between the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the UCITS fund and that of the Index. Should the tracking error exceed 4%, the objective is to stay below 20% of CAC 40 volatility (reinvested dividends).

For information:
The benchmark index is the CAC 40, published in euros and excluding dividends. The CAC 40 (“CAC” stands for Cotation Assistée en Continu - continuous quotation of a stock from opening to close) is the Paris Bourse index, calculated continuously on the basis of a sample of 40 stocks listed on the primary market and selected according to their representativeness, importance and various other criteria (capitalisation, liquidity and sector diversification). The weighting of stocks in the index is determined using the free-float market capitalisation method.

PhiTrust Active Investors France is a signatory of the Transparency Code, a code conceived and validated by the AFG (French Asset Management Association) and FIR (French SIF – Sustainable Investment Forum).

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