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Our 'Active Investor' funds


Each of our ‘Active Investor’ funds follows a distinct investment and shareholder advocacy strategy in line with our investors’ mission (mission related investments).

As not only financial investors but also active shareholders, PhiTrust is able to bring about improvements in corporate governance practices of those companies in its portfolios. Those companies with the best corporate governance practices are indeed better valued by the financial markets.

If, as shareholders, we take into consideration corporate impact on the environment and local communities, we can seek out and invest in those companies which work toward improving overall quality of life.

PhiTrust has established partnerships with relevant specialists and offers investment funds which reflect these priorities:


  • To promote corporate governance the Sicav ‘Proxy Active Investors’ works in collaboration with Proxinvest
  • To promote sustainable development projects and good corporate governance the mutual fund ‘Euro Active Investors’ has developed a partnership with the Swiss foundation Ethos

Below are the commitment themes PhiTrust has been promoting since 2003:


‐          Free shares: conditionality criteria

‐          Age of directors

‐          Increases/decreases in the number of directors

‐          Creation, splitting and independence of committees

‐          BSA issues

‐          Severance pay and settlement agreements

‐          Vote traceability mechanisms

‐          Modification of the statutory declaration threshold

‐          Appointment of directors without conflicts of interest

‐          Executive succession plans

‐          The regime of companies limited by shares (sociétés en commandite par actions)

‐          Best governance policy (French law)

‐          Compliance with remuneration transparency

‐          The separation of roles

‐          Elimination of limitations on voting rights

‐          Single votes for regulated agreements



‐          CO2 emissions

‐          Impacts on pubic health

‐          Industrial water pollution risks



‐         Supply chain streamlining (fabrics, cocoa, palm oil)

‐         Community involvement and B.O.P projects

‐         Indirect investment in projects that do not respect human rights

‐         Report on thresholds for water and energy consumption and waste


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