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Our charter


Advise, manage and invest according to our clients' preferences.

PhiTrust has adopted a charter based on high ethical standards.  Just as any responsible publically issued company, PhiTrust must set an example both in terms of investment selection criteria and policy.  Adherence to and respect of our guiding principles ensure that our mission is carried out with the utmost attention and in full transparency to inform more widely of our ethical standards.

Independence : PhiTrust's independent capital holdings ensure that our counselling in carried out in the best interests of our clients and is free of external influence.

Tailor-made services: PhiTrust always listens attentively to its clients needs to provide them with the required services and a long-term tailor-made solution.

Methodology : PhiTrust systematically follows an investment procedure based on four key standards:

  • Quality of management : committment to the company, reliable communication with shareholders
  • High quality : clients' expectations of quality (products) and environmental expectations (production methods)
  • Social-mindedness: personnel's company involvement and committment
  • Ethics and transparency : transparency and disclosure towards investors and wider community.

Selection : PhiTrust always engages directly with company management prior to any investment and actively takes part in company AGMs. 

Transparency : PhiTrust is committed to total transparency vis-à-vis its clients and partners.

Compensation: PhiTrust is committed to total transparency in compensation.  Partners have committed to investing part of their income in philanthropic projects.


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