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Our shareholder engagement themes


Below are the commitment themes PhiTrust has been promoting since 2003:


‐          Free shares: conditionality criteria

‐          Age of directors

‐          Increases/decreases in the number of directors

‐          Creation, splitting and independence of committees

‐          BSA issues

‐          Severance pay and settlement agreements

‐          Vote traceability mechanisms

‐          Modification of the statutory declaration threshold

‐          Appointment of directors without conflicts of interest

‐          Executive succession plans

‐          The regime of companies limited by shares (sociétés en commandite par actions)

‐          Best governance policy (French law)

‐          Compliance with remuneration transparency

‐          The separation of roles

‐          Elimination of limitations on voting rights

‐          Single votes for regulated agreements



‐          CO2 emissions

‐          Impacts on pubic health

‐          Industrial water pollution risks

‐         Report on thresholds for water and energy consumption and waste



‐         Supply chain streamlining (fabrics, cocoa, palm oil)

‐         Community involvement and B.O.P projects

‐         Indirect investment in projects that do not respect human rights



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