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Our guiding principles


We have retained the principles published by great international investors and especially the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and the AFG (French Association of Financial Management). We are member of these associations.

We focus our shareholding engagement policy on the three ESG themes gathered under the following sections:



·         Shareholders rights at the General Meeting: "One action, one vote."

o    Board of Directors or Supervisory Board: separation of powers, independence of the Board and respect for the right of minorities.

o    Compensation, sharing of capital with managers and employees: transparency and fairness of compensations.

o    Allocation of result and use of equity capital: reasoned management of equity capital.

·         Approval of accounts and management: integrity of accounts and of information.

o    Capital changes: justified and balanced equity transactions proposed to shareholders.



·         Environmental reporting: communication of water/electricity consumption thresholds and measurement of carbon/waste generation.

·         Independent external audit.

·         Setting of targets.

·         Assess and remove the risks to public health.

HUMAN and social rights

·         Safety at work.

·         Development of relations with the stakeholders (community involvment).

·         Development of solidarity projects.

o    Development of actions through foundations and subsidies to associations.

o    Creation of products adapted to the needs of the poor


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