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About us


Develop investments that allow performance, good governance, environmental respect and social impact

PhiTrust is a French asset management company, accredited by the French Market Authority, developing shareholder engagement strategies to promote good corporate governance practices among listed companies as well as encourage them to develop business strategies that benefit those at the 'bottom of the pyramid'.  While minority shareholders generally behave as pure financial investors, we believe they have a further responsibility as shareholders. They should provide support to management wishing to improve their corporate governance and develop business strategies that benefit those frequently left behind in our increasingly globalised world.

Our funds are proof that a strong financial performance is possible by giving priority to those companies which are the most transparent and which also develop innovative economic, social and environmental strategies.


Environmental, Social and governance issues

With an ever expanding globalisation comes a rapidly increasing development among certain countries, thereby creating considerable wealth gaps.  Further, new major risks are increasingly associated with climate change or pollution. Those companies which do not modify their corporate governance behavior run the risk of losing market share or creating client disapproval and ultimate abandonment.

The public sector and non-profits cannot be solely responsible for those at the 'bottom of the pyramid'.
We have long considered that companies carried little responsibility for such issues and so accepted that their philanthropic contributions were predominantly one-off and limited to local causes. And yet the public sector and non-profits cannot be entirely efficient without private businesses; they have tools which enable an efficient and structured philanthropic response and are able to sway consumer behaviour (particularly with advertising).

This concerns both large and small companies
All companies, whether large or small, listed or unlisted, have a role to play: improve corporate governance, develop strategies which, through innovation, can respond to social and environmental issues, create prospects for further expansion and employment opportunities and finding solutions to relevant sustainable development issues.

A few companies have already understood this
Several companies have realised that innovative solutions provide real prospects for development. Examples are numerous: changes in work methods in large companies, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, child labour in poor countries, and access to basic services (potable water, and waste management) – what is called ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ strategies – BOP.

Investors can accelerate this (r)evolution
Investors can become more discriminating in their investment choices and choose to invest in those companies which are developing these ‘bottom of the pyramid’ strategies as well as those where they could potentially influence company policy towards such strategies. Our shareholder engagement strategies in both governance and for the 'bottom of the pyramid' reflect our investors' priorities.

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